Igniting Creativity Through Inspiring Speaker Services

Igniting Creativity Through Inspiring Speaker Services

Meet Hannah Perry, the creative force behind The Giggling Pig Studios, a haven of imagination and art. With a background in childhood education and development, Hannah's journey began in England, leading her to the United States to work with children with special needs.

Driven by her passion for nurturing creativity, Hannah founded The Giggling Pig, a thriving art studio that empowers children and adults to explore their artistic potential. As a sought-after speaker, Hannah now offers her inspiring message to audiences, sparking the creative flame within each individual.

Through engaging talks and workshops, Hannah's speaker services focus on the transformative power of art in enhancing self-expression, critical thinking, and collaboration. Her dynamic sessions inspire confidence and empower audiences to embrace their unique artistic journeys.

With accolades including Stevie® Awards and recognition as a rising star in Fairfield County, Hannah's expertise and passion make her an exceptional speaker, leaving a lasting impact on every event.

Book Hannah Perry as your speaker, and let the world of creativity unfold before your audience's eyes. Ignite the spark of imagination and create a memorable experience through Hannah's captivating message. Embrace the power of art and inspiration today.

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