Hannah Perry

Creator & Founder

Hannah Perry, an accomplished entrepreneur and educator, is the driving force behind The Giggling Pig, a renowned collection of creative studios dedicated to children. Fuelled by her deep passion for childhood development and fostering creativity, Hannah embarked on a remarkable journey to establish a space where young minds could freely express their artistic talents.

Originally hailing from England, Hannah made her way to the United States in 1999, initially working as a nanny. It was during this transformative period that she recognized the need for dedicated spaces that nurtured children's innate creativity, leading her to establish The Giggling Pig in 2011. The studio swiftly gained popularity and emerged as a vibrant hub for children's artistic exploration and self-expression.

A pivotal moment in Hannah's career came in 2018 when she was honored with the Gold Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. This prestigious recognition was a testament to her exceptional leadership skills and business acumen. Additionally, she was proudly included in the esteemed "40 Under 40" list of influential leaders in Fairfield County, solidifying her status as an accomplished and respected figure in her field.

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